The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study
The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study
The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study
The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study
The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study

The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study

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Introducing The Journey to the Cross: A Lenten Devotional Study

This prayerfully curated study is designed to guide you through the season of Lent, providing an exploration of scripture, meaningful journal reflections, and variety of weekly study activities. 

Key Features:

  1. Well-structured Study Guide: We'll navigate through key passages, prayers, and reflections. Each week unfolds a new theme, offering a comprehensive understanding of the Lenten season.

  2.  Reflective Devotions: Delve into weekly devotions that encourage reflection and foster a deeper connection with biblical teachings.

  3. Interactive Journaling: Encourage personal reflection and spiritual growth through interactive journaling exercises. Document your thoughts, prayers, and insights, creating a tangible record of your Lenten journey.

  4. Weekly Study Activities Challenges:  From Verse Mapping to Word Studies, we'll be digging into Scripture in a variety of ways.  And the best part, all of the templates and study instructions are included!  This is the perfect way to sample TJM study tools!

  5. Illustrated Prayer Cards: includes a set of illustrated prayer cards to print and use throughout your journey.
We hope you join us this Lenten season!

  • 34 pages but you print only what you need!
  • includes 2 Bible Binder Templates, 2 Scripture Memory Templates, 3 Verse Mapping Templates, and 4 newly designed Word Study Templates. 
  • includes QR codes to instructional videos for each study template

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Slow and easy

I haven't been able to do the Lenten Devotional as quickly as I wished. I enjoy it a lot, though. Just getting started, really, and I'm sure I'll have more to say after I'm finished.

Dana Q.
Loving this Lenten devotional Study

I am enjoying the Lenten Study so much. Journaling each day with days of word study, Bible mapping and scripture memory is keeping me on my toes, eager to dig in deeper.

Lauren D.

I discovered TJM, specifically verse mapping, a year ago and I have really enjoyed incorporating this tool/practice into my study of Scripture! I was really excited when I saw that the TJM team had created a study for Lent.

This might have already been brought to their attention, but the QR code in the Lent study for the Word Study video says that it has reached its monthly limit. Fortunately, I was able to find the video by going directly to the YouTube page:)

The other day was the first time I used the word study tool. I was thankful to have a video to help explain the process, along with the example you included from John for “commandment.” While I have used BLB for quite a some time now (before I discovered TJM), I did find it hard to figure out how the TJM team used it to fill out the word study. (I spent about 30 minutes trying to find how to find/use the lexicon feature since there are multiple places that are labeled “lexicon.” I was using the “commandment” example to figure out where the list of words in the lexicon box came from). I’m wondering if it might be helpful to include screenshots from BLB for how you fill in each box for the word study? Or maybe even create a screen recording of navigating through BLB specifically for the word study? Not sure if this is helpful feedback or not, but I thought I would share this in case it might help someone else down the road as they try to use the TJM tools.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful creation of the Lent study and for sharing resources that root us in Scripture :)

The Journey to the Cross:A Lenten Devotional Study

Love this study!! They give you templates from their other resources for you to try out...awesome study!!

Victoria E.
Mark 10:36

I think this verse is not one to be mapped. Simply bc there is nothing to map in the verse.

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