Men's Verse Map Journal

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Have you been secretly hoping TJM would release a more masculine model of our Verse Map Journal?!  Well, you don't have to hope any longer!  Our new  faux leather Verse Map Journal is a simple, classic version of the mapping template we have all come to love!  At a more compact size than our original journal, it's easy to use and convenient to carry.  Who is this journal great for?  It's great for MEN, teenagers, and women who want something a little less feminine.  It's great for anyone desiring to slow down and dig into God's Word through verse mapping.   

The James Method Verse Map Journal is completely changing the way people are digging into Scripture! Verse mapping is a technique used to gain a deeper understanding of God's Word. It is a method of breaking down a verse by identifying keywords, historical context, alternate translations, and cross-references. Verse mapping goes beyond just reading. It digs deep into scripture revealing connections, consistencies, and truths in the Bible that are so easily overlooked.

In the James Method Verse Mapping Journal you will:

  • Identify and define keywords
  • Dig deeper into the verse context
  • Find alternate Bible translations
  • Find cross-references
  • Reflect on the truth that God reveals about Himself
  • Reflect on the truth that God reveals about you or mankind
  • Reflect on your life in comparison to God's word and how you can apply everything you've learned
  • End with prayer

Journal measures 7.75x10; Includes 70 blank mapping templates and two full pages of verse mapping instructions

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Customer Reviews

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This product gives me a format for study that has proved very useful and productive. I chose the “men’s” version because I thought the squares would be easier than the women’s circle motif to fill in neatly. The journal is beautifully bound and opens flat. The paper is smooth and substantial. Good value!! I am enjoying using it and have found my understanding of bite-sized scripture greatly increased.

James B.
Men’s Verse Map Journal

I haven’t used your Men’s Verse Map Journal. I have looked it over and I am very impressed, and will be using it.
Rev. James A. Brownlee

Excellent tool to go DEEP into the Word!

I have been playing with this for the past few days. This is a guided mapping exercise for Scripture. If you're not sure what mapping is, it's a graphic organizer or visual aid that creates groups and shows relationships between ideas. Most are familiar with bubble maps, flow charts, Venn diagrams, etc. The suggested plan in The James Method takes you DEEP into a verse. Multiple tranlations for comparison; keywords and definitions (go that extra mile and look at the Greek and Hebrew etymologies), cross-references, context, author, audience, purpose, timeline. And then after compiling all that, there are spaces for you to write about what you see in God through that verse, and what you see that you/Man needs to pick up on. And then there is still a space for reflection and application for you personally in your daily walk. I've done two verses thoroughly. It's taken me four days, and probably five hours of total time spent. Your brain and your heart are going to get a workout--it's not "difficult"--but expect to put a lot of effort into it. And then receive the blessings that are going to come from drawing near to God. (See James 4:8). Please come up with more colors or cover styles that are men-friendly. This idea and execution is awesome!

Mick O.

I’m not sure if I understand how yo use it. It’s hard to read the directions.


My favorite way to study the Bible.

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