The Importance of Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual growth is something we hope for as Christians. It is by God's grace that this happens. This only occurs when we practice spiritual disciplines. So what are spiritual disciplines, and how do we go about performing them? 

While researching the term, I came across a great explanation from 

"Discipline is defined as "training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior." Discipline is not part of the sin nature, but it is a natural component of the Christian life. In fact, almost nothing of any significance in our lives is ever accomplished without it. Spiritual disciplines can be described as those behaviors that augment our spiritual growth and enable us to grow to spiritual maturity. This process of spiritual growth and development begins to take place the moment a person encounters the risen Christ and comes to Him for salvation."

God does not desire a stagnant relationship with us. He wants to see us grow in our spiritual life, which will bring us closer to Him and other Christian sisters and brothers. Spiritual disciplines help us learn how to live our lives in grace and how to live in obedience. They are crucial to the Christian life. 

Here are four spiritual disciplines to incorporate into your life today. 

1. Reading God's Word - We cannot expect to understand God unless we read his Word. The Bible is full of scripture we need to know. This can be done by reading a chapter a day, having devotional time, and/or reading on the weekends. 

2. Studying God's Word - This is a crucial step to getting to know God's heart for His people. When we study the Bible we find a deeper understanding to truths we already know and are exposed to new insights we didn't know existed. This will help you apply scripture to your everyday life. 

3. Memorizing Scripture - This third spiritual discipline helps you connect with the Holy Spirit as He will bring scripture to you in times of need. Memorizing God's Word will not only enhance your relationship with Him, but it will also help you communicate with others and give you insight as to what to say when words of encouragement are needed. 

4. Prayer Time - Spending time in prayer may not seem like a spiritual discipline, but it is the way we lean to communicate with our Lord and Savior. Jesus made a point of praying with people and in solitude. He cried out to God in prayer when he was facing death. He thanked God for all of His gifts, and praised his Father for who he was and is. Developing a continual prayer life is key to your Christian walk. 

Each of these disciplines will help you grow as a Believer. But when you put them together, you become a strong vessel filled with God's knowledge and grace. 

Which spiritual discipline will you work on this year? 

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