What exactly is The James Method??

What exactly is The James Method?


Hi there!  My name is Lauren and I'm the creator of The James Method.  What exactly is 'The James Method'?  I get asked this question all the time!  It may sound random or even odd, but I promise, there is a meaning behind this name.  There is a purpose behind this ‘method’ and I would go as far to say, there is a calling behind sharing it with you.   

What exactly is The James Method?

The James Method really began around 5 years ago, during a time when I felt very distant from God.  ‘Spiritually stagnant’ is how I like to describe it.  Maybe you can relate?  Have you ever felt like you were doing just enough to look like a Christian but not nearly enough to truly have a relationship with your Savior?  That’s where I was.  I was attending church regularly and even serving, but my daily walk with the Lord was inconsistent at best.  I went through cycles of reading my Bible regularly then not touching it for months at a time.  I had this internal struggle happening and vividly remember crying out to God, "please help me get this".  Something was missing but I didn’t know what.  

What exactly is The James Method?

 It was then that I read James 4:8, Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  It was this verse that God used to wake me up.  It was this verse that made me realize I was not doing my part.  I was being LAZY yet expecting God to over deliver.  I know it's cliché to say, but this was my 'a-ha moment'.  This was the moment when I decided I was done being lukewarm.  I was done depending on a once or twice a week church service to feed me spiritually.  Right then and there, I committed to drawing near to God daily.  I committed to waking up every morning before the sun rose to spend time with my Creator.  I was going to give it a year and I called it my ‘James Method’ project, based on James 4:8.   

The James Method is simply the act of choosing to draw near to God and holding tight to the promise that He will draw near to you.  I committed to this method.  Regardless of how I 'felt', I drew near.  Regardless of my circumstances, I drew near.  Regardless of the doubts I had in my heart that God would hold up His end, I drew near.  I got up before the sun rose, I studied His Word, I approach Him in prayer, and I began to do this weird thing called verse mapping. 

The James Method

Long story short, my life COMPLETELY changed by drawing near daily.  The desires the Lord started putting on my heart propelled me in a whole new and exciting direction.  God has given me a passion and a burden to share this method with others, to encourage others to draw near to Him daily and to teach and offer this unique verse mapping method as a tool to help them on their journey.  I know I have been called to share...to share my story, to share what has helped me, and to share the tools and products I've created. My greatest joy now comes from encouraging and helping others to draw near to God, maybe even inspiring their own James Method project. 

Digging Deeper: How do you draw near to God? 




  • Judy Stevenson

    Are you going to have any more canvas organizers for bible study supplies? I would like to purchase one and they are all sold out. Thank you so much.

  • Karen Willett

    I found Lauren’s website last year when I was wanting to dig deeper and have a daily conversation with God that meant something. I ordered her verse memorization journal and verse mapping journal. I gifted some for Christmas and it has been so awesome for myself and my friends. We are digging deeper and meeting weekly to discuss how it’s going and what we learned that week from our relationship with God. Thank you Lauren for stepping out in faith and allowing God to work through you for many. God Bless!

  • Linda Austin

    I lost my way in my biblical studies and thank you for allowing God to use you to show me another way. I am enjoying the new awareness of studying.

  • Carol Ann Erhardt

    I’m 78 years old and my daughter just gifted me a Verse Map Journal for Christmas. It is so beautiful. I’m going to spend the next couple weeks learning about this and preparing to begin the first of the year. God gave me the word “obedience” for 2022. This journal will help me in living out “obedience” in the coming year. God bless!

  • Gina M Filley Belt

    I absolutely LOVE my verse mapping journal! It has truly helped me draw closer to God, and have a better understanding of His word in ways that I never have before! Lauren has been such a blessing!

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