5 Ways To Choose A Verse to Map

So you’re thinking of mapping but you don’t know how to pick a verse?  I have a few ideas to share! The thing I love about mapping is that it can so easily be incorporated into what you’re already doing. 

#1: Use A Verse That Speaks to You 

Idea #1 is to slow down and map out a verse that God uses to speak to you as you’re reading your Bible.  Such a simple strategy but it will add so much depth to your Bible reading!  I love incorporating mapping this way.  It’s great for those who like following a reading plan or studying through books at a time (my fave). Don’t rush through your plan.  Be willing to take extra time to dig and explore the Word as the Spirit leads. 

#2: Use A Pre-Written Bible Study

Do you love working through pre written Bible studies?  Mapping compliments any Bible study!!! It’s such a great way to slow down and dig a little deeper when a passage stands out to you. Being guided through a study has many benefits but taking extra time to explore the Word on your own adds so much depth! 
Have you ever mapped alongside a Bible study like this?  Let me know!!

#3: Use A Daily Devotional

 Idea 3 for choosing a verse to map.  This idea piggybacks off of idea 2. If you enjoy doing a daily devotional and there’s a day that really speaks to your heart or situation, map that verse.  It’s amazing how the Lord speaks to us when we slow down and explore His Word!

#4: Use The Sunday Sermon

I got this idea from @luckowfam and thought it was great!!! I promise your pastor will not be upset that you went home and spent extra time exploring, reflecting, and absorbing the sermon. Imagine even getting a couple church friends to map alongside you. This would be a great way to grow and fellowship together! Being Sunday, what passage was preached at your church?  Is there one that you would love to explore more through mapping?  

#5: Choose One From The James Method

 Idea 5 is to follow one of the themed mapping plans in the shop.  These are great for beginners because they tell exactly what to read and then also what to slow down and map


  • Tanya Locke

    Does the verse mapping come with
    Verses already in it ? Thanks

  • Beth

    #5. Where are the verses from the James Method? Do they come with the PDF download when you purchase it?

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