Four Ways to Find Refreshment

This verse is nestled in one of the most popular psalms for good reason. But maybe you’re like me and because Psalm 23 is a "popular psalm” it is read more quickly with the thought of “ah, yes, this is a great encouragement” and simply move on.

So speaking out of confession, I wanted to share some fresh encouragement the Lord showed me that I hadn’t see before. Some of you may nod your heads in acknowledgement, but others might be surprised to learn them. Either way, as Paul rewrote the same phrase many times to the believers in Philippians 3:1, it won’t hurt those of us who know to be reminded!

1. God prepares a meal for us.

I don’t know about you, but if someone offers to simply make me a cup of coffee, I’m so full of thankfulness. But when someone creates a whole meal, not simply because they enjoy cooking, but because they want to offer nourishment and refreshment, I feel so loved. The concept of the Creator of the universe making me a meal fills me with delight. Not only does He do all things excellently, but He also does it because He loves us.

2. God desires peace for us, even in the presence of our enemies.

God wants us to be so relaxed in the company of those who desire to harm us that we're able to feast. In a sense, it is as if David is saying even when there are people out to get me or dire circumstances around me, the Lord makes my inner person so at peace I can enjoy moments of rest or enjoyment despite it!

3. God delights in blessing us.

David might been remembering when he was anointed with oil by the prophet Samuel. Back in his day, when a man was pronounced king, his head was anointed with oil. Pouring oil over someone’s head was also a way to shower blessing. While I am not sure what David might have been thinking, we can know that God’s promises in Scripture count for us too. When we feel like we keep getting knocked down by situations or people, let’s remember to keep an eye out for the way God is blessing us. James 1:2  reminds us “to consider it joy when trials face us..” When we feel the desire to complain that "well James didn't know what I'm facing," let's remember he spoke to Christians who were being killed for their faith. We don't need to compare, but we do need to keep perspective, friends!

4. His blessings are abundant.

Jesus said he came to “give life abundantly” (John 10:10b). Abundance means there is plenty to go around. He delights to give love, joy, peace, patience, wisdom, hope, faith and much more! So, friends, even in the midst of the struggle and hurt, our cups can miraculously overflow by God’s power. I speak from my own personal pain that it is not easy to keep our eyes off our circumstances. However, when we keep abiding in Christ, He is always faithful to provide. From that overflow, we can then give to others around us as well.

We pray these truths bring a renewed awareness of the wonderful gifts God desires to give us, His children, friends!

If you’d like to download a copy of this image, please click here! And if you're joining in our community’s Scripture memory verse this week, happy memorizing!

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