Gifts for You to Celebrate Easter

Happy Resurrection Day, friends!

We have a special blog post for you this week based off this verse in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Our whole faith depends on the truth that Christ died just for us. In God’s power, He has risen from the dead and now a fresh, abundant life is ours in Christ! Let’s read that again. You and I are loved enough for God’s Son to give up His rights as God, die and rise so that we’d have an opportunity to live an eternally beautiful life with Him and all those who trust Him.

What a gift!

In honor of this celebration, we’d like to offer three gifts to you this week as you memorize 1 Corinthians 6:14 and that will hopefully help you celebrate the gift of Easter!

To download, simple click the image and it will open. Right click on the image and select "download". Print as many times as you'd like!

1. Cards to celebrate share the love God gifted us with others

The simple rose over the cross is a reminder of Christ's blood shed for us on a cross. A symbol that was associated with truly horrible things in ancient Rome has now become a beacon of hope for followers of Christ all over the world. Or use it as an ephemera in your notebooks, verse mapping or Scripture memory.


2. A free coloring page to celebrate the gift of God's rich Word to us.

In Scripture, we are given a treasure trove of blessings, encouragement, guidance and hope. We pray as we color this that we are encouraged to dive into it more and strengthen our faith and others from it's guidance!

3. A custom made print just for you, our wonderful community.

This piece is based off the Lenten devotional that led us over the last 6 weeks to today, the celebration of Christ's triumph over death!


We pray you have a day full of rest, rejuvenation, fellowship and peace! Feel free to comment with ways you celebrate Easter below, we'd love to hear from you!

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