A Prayer for Greater Love

This verse holds a special place in my heart. Some of my family served in the military and while they haven’t given their lives in service, some of their friends have. Seeing that Memorial Day was coming up, this verse came first to my mind.

It causes me to pause that even our country (which was founded on Christian values, yet is wandering from them) still honors those who gave their lives for others. Since this is the case, how much more so should we give honor to Christ, who laid down a perfect life for all of the world? We can celebrate this not on one day, but on every day.

As John reminds us, there is no greater love than to lay down our lives for others. Of course, John was talking about Christ and his great love for all of us, but we have opportunities to lay down our lives in smaller ways each day.

This week’s devotional is a little shorter because we wanted to encourage our community to spend a few minutes in thankful prayer to the One who made this sacrifice for us. Something we find helpful is praying through verses.

An example of a prayer based on today's verse could go like this:

Lord, your love is so beyond our understanding, the word "great" barely touches the surface because you are, just like your love, greater. Thank you. Thank you for the breath in our lungs and the ability to understand even a little piece of the love you have for us! I confess when I’m tempted to choose my own way instead of giving my life back to you and those you call me to love. Help me live in a way that glorifies you. Amen!

If you're joining along with us in this week's memory verse, happy memorizing! If you'd like a free printable of this or other verses please check out our Memory Verse page. Happy memorizing!

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